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Last step: Payment of your transport !

i.Transport puts you at ease regarding the payment of your transport and puts at your disposal several possibilities of payment:

  1. Bank Transfer (Includes additional taxes: 12$)

From Israel : to                              Name: i.Transport or י.טרנספורט   

                                                       Bank  Discount 11

                                                       Snif:   Romema 061

                                                       Num:  142359191



International:                                Name: i.Transport

                                                       Swift: IDB LILIT

                                                       Iban: IL940110610000142359191

                                                       ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK 

For this type of payment, we thank you in advance for sending us a receipt on the mail of your transport advisor.

​  2. By CB:

From Israël: Visa, American Express

International: American Express or Paypal (even if you do not have a Paypal account ) 

  3. With Paypal: 

by clicking on the following button and enter the amount corresponding to your estimate or if it has been agreed a deposit only please calculate the 30% of the total amount of your quote: 

(For reservations less than one week before departure, please include the full cost of the service - Cancellation is free up to 48 hours before departure for simple transfers

  4. By check :


For this please find a practical solution with your adviser or contact the accounting department at:

00972 (0) 29708557

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact your advisor.

We thank you and wish you a pleasant trip with our services.


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