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§ 1 Offer and contract 
● The customer's order can be made in writing, in electronic form. ● The contract is formed by the confirmation of the coach company - hereinafter referred to as the company - given in writing or in electronic form, unless otherwise agreed. In case of discrepancy of the contents of the confirmation with that of the order, the contract is formed on the basis of the confirmation, in case the client declares to accept it within a week. 
§ 2 Services ● The confirmation data determines the contractually agreed services. §1 paragraph 2 remains unchanged. ● The services include, as part of the confirmation of the order, the provision of a vehicle of the agreed type, with or without driver, and carrying out the transport; the application of the legal provisions concerning the company contract and the deposit agreement is excluded. ● The agreed service delivery does not include: 
1. achieving the purpose of the trip, 2. surveillance of travelers, including children, adolescents and persons with disabilities, 3. the supervision of the customer's affairs, respectively the travelers, left inside the bus, 4. the surveillance of baggage during loading and unloading, 5. the information of the travelers of the regulation applicable to them and concerning in particular the currencies, passports, customs and prescription of health, as well as the observation of the obligations deriving from this regulation. This does not count in case of agreement to the contrary. 
§ 3 Changes to the agreed services ● Changes in the agreed benefits that are imposed on the company after the formation of the contract are authorized if the circumstances that motivate them are not due to the bad faith of the company and to the extent that the changes are not unacceptable. to the customer. As soon as the cause necessitating the modification is known by the company, it is obliged to inform the customer. ● Changes requested by the customer are possible with the consent of the company. They must be recorded in writing or electronically unless otherwise agreed. 
§ 4 Price and payment ● The rental price is the one set in the contract. ● Any substantial increase in incidental expenses (eg accommodation costs for the driver (s), ferry, car park, admission tickets and any other road, highway 6 or air taxes) are not included in the rental price shown on the website. contract and are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise provided. ● Additional costs resulting from changes to the agreed services, requested by the customer, are billed additionally. ● The restoration costs relating to damage done by the customer, respectively his travelers, are borne by the customer. ● Invoices, including advance invoices, are payable within 7 business days of receipt, and without deduction. The company is entitled to terminate the contract without notice or notice if the customer does not pay the invoices, including the down payment invoices, in accordance with the payment terms. In this case, the customer is liable for compensation as described in §5 paragraph 1. 



The rate base is NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
However, for comfort, we adapt the rate in shekel according to the currency of the customer (in US $ OR IN €)
The customer can pay his deposit and his balance in one of these 3 currencies.
However it will be necessary to calculate the amount of the balance according to the currency at the time of the reservation.
Example: Mr X has booked his trip for a value of 5000 NIS LE 01/01/17 for a departure on 01/05/17
On 01/01/17: 5000 NIS = 1389 $ (1 $ = 3.6)
Deposit paid for the reservation $ 389 say. So the balance is $ 1000 = 3600 NIS

If on 01/05/17 the dollar is at nis 3.8, the new balance is $ 947 because 3600 NIS / 3.8 = $ 947
If on 01/05/17 the dollar is at nis 3.4 the new balance is $ 1058 because
3600 NIS / 3.4 = $ 1058
The price in shekel remains the basic value on which the amount is calculated at 2 NIS loan (to round the rate) out of the total.

§ 5 Disclaimer / termination by the customer The customer acknowledges and accepts formally that in case of cancellation of the contract before the date of departure of the trip, allowances are lump sumly invoiced as follows: up to 30 days before the scheduled departure date, 10% of the agreed rental price. from 20 to 11 days before the scheduled departure date, 25% of the agreed rental price. 
10 days or less before the scheduled departure date, 50% of the agreed rental price. No compensation is due when the withdrawal is due to a case of force majeure or changes made by the company to services and which are substantial and unacceptable to the customer. 
If, after the departure of the trip, substantial and unacceptable service changes for the customer become necessary, the latter may - subject to other rights - terminate the contract. The company is obliged in this case to repatriate at the customer's request it and its travelers, but only by the means of transport that have been agreed in the contract. In the event of termination due to force majeure, the additional costs of repatriation are borne by the customer. When the changes of the services taken by the company can not be imputed to him, the customer does not have to assert other pretensions. 
In case of cancellation by the customer, the company can claim adequate compensation for services already rendered and services still to be done, insofar as the latter would still be of interest to the customer despite the termination of the contract . 
§ 6 Disclaimer / termination by the company The company is authorized to withdraw from the contract before the departure date of the trip if extraordinary circumstances, for which it can not be held responsible, make the realization of services impossible. In this case, the customer is only entitled to the reimbursement of expenses incurred in direct relation with his rental order. The company may terminate the contract after the departure if the services can no longer be provided due to force majeure or additional difficulties, endangerment or considerable hindrances resulting from unforeseeable events such as eg war, acts of war, hostilities, riot or civil war, arrests, confiscations, obstruction by State or other bodies, street blocks, quarantine measures and strikes not attributable to the company, the exclusion or the concerted stoppage of work or in the case of hindrances, endangerment or impediment by the customer. In the case of a termination due to force majeure, endangerment or considerable hindrance, the company is obliged to repatriate the client at his request, as well as his passengers; the request for repatriation is limited to the means of transport agreed in the contract. The additional costs related to the repatriation due to a cancellation for force majeure, remain the responsibility of the customer. The company that terminates the contract can claim adequate remuneration for the services already provided according to the contract. 
§ 7 Liability ● The company is responsible, as part of the due diligence of a conscientious merchant, for the regulatory execution of the transport. ● The company is responsible for verifying the punctuality of the carrier and verifying the arrival and departure of its customers. ● The company is not liable for disruption of the services if they are due to force majeure or to additional difficulties, endangerment or considerable hindrances resulting from unforeseeable circumstances such as p. ex. : war, acts of war, hostilities, riots or civil war, arrests, confiscations or obstruction by State agencies or other persons, blockage of streets, quarantine measures, as well as strikes not attributable to the enterprise, exclusions or concerted work stoppages. ● Repatriation provisions remain unchanged. 
§ 8 Limitation of liability. ● The customer and his travelers have become aware of the fact and expressly agree that the repair to which they can claim is limited for material damage to 500, - € per traveler. Under no circumstances may the sum of all the indemnities exceed the rental price set in the contract. ● The company does not answer for damages due to the actions of the customer or its passengers, to unpredictable and irresistible acts of third parties as well as to a case of force majeure. ● The customer discharges the company as well as the persons involved in the formation of the contract of all claims based on facts specified in §2.3 citations a-e. 
§ 9 Baggage and other objects ● Baggage of normal consistency and, if previously agreed, other articles are also carried. 
● The customer is responsible for the damage caused by the objects transported by him and his passengers if this damage is based on circumstances attributable to him or his passengers. 
§ 10 Behavior of the customer and passengers ● The customer assumes responsibility for the behavior of his passengers during the journey. The orders of the train crew must be observed. ● Passengers who do not obey the justified injunctions of the train crew may be excluded from carriage if the disregard of the injunctions constitutes a danger to the safety or the order of the company or to the passengers, or for reasons which make the continuation of transport intolerable for the company. In this case, the customer is not entitled to claim against the company. ● The complaints are initially addressed to the crew and if the latter can not reasonably remedy the situation, the company offering the service in the field. ● The customer is obliged, as far as possible, to participate in efforts to remedy the disruption of services to avoid or limit possible damage. 
§ 11 Jurisdiction and applicable law Any dispute relating to the performance and interpretation of the contract is the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of the company. The applicable law is Israeli law. § 12 Nullity / inapplicability of certain provisions In the case a clause of the contract, including a clause of the present general conditions, should be canceled, respectively to be deemed null and void, this nullity does not imply the nullity of the whole contract, the other provisions remaining of application . 
Payment : 
For  Transports services: The transport services are payable before execution, unless otherwise agreed with the customer: For a departure more than 15 days after the date of reservation, the reservation can be made only after receipt of a deposit of 10% of total price of the service, the balance must be paid 30 days before the date of departure. In the case of a booking for a departure within 15 days, the service must be paid in full at the time of booking. No service can be confirmed in the absence of full payment of the price of the service. 
The Customer must provide i.Transport in writing (fax or e-mail) with the information specified below. 
Dates, times and itineraries: - the date, time and place of the beginning and end of the provision of the coach; - the date, time and place of initial passenger pick-up and the date, time and place of their final removal; - where applicable, the date, time and place of intermediate stopping points; - where applicable, the imposed route. The respect of a schedule of arrival with a view to a correspondence must be the object of an affirmed requirement of the client. Composition of the group to be transported: - the maximum number of people making up the group; - the maximum number of people with reduced mobility, including the number of people in wheelchairs; - the maximum number of persons under the age of eighteen as part of a public transport of children and the number of accompanying persons. - In the case of an accompanied group, the client provides the names of the persons with organizational or supervisory responsibilities, the nature of which must be specified. These persons designated as responsible must know the conditions of organization of the transport. Except for the exception provided below, the customer provides the list of passengers. Free form, this list includes the name and surname of each passenger and, as part of a public transport of children, the telephone number of a contact person for each child transported. 
Nature of luggage: - approximate weight and overall volume; - potential preciousness and fragility; - the other possible specificities. Means of communication: - the telephone number enabling the carrier to reach the customer at any time (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week). 
Online booking and payment The reservation of vehicles offered by i.Transport has been designed to allow the customer to return to his order before final validation, through various stages during which, the customer will always have the opportunity to cancel his reservation, until 'to the payment of the trip. The service order is only available to users who have validated these terms and conditions, by ticking the box "I accept the terms of services" 
  The customer accepts that the validation of the dematerialized contract, by the use of the "click of validation" on the site of i.Transport, of the present general conditions of sale, constitutes the irrevocable manifestation of acceptance of the terms of the contract. This acceptance is made on behalf of all travel participants. The dematerialized acceptance of the terms of the contract and the acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale is final order and can not be retracted. 
The customer agrees to pay the entire order at the time of booking online, by debiting his credit card unless otherwise agreed.   Once the online payment has been validated, the customer will receive by email an order confirmation, at the email address indicated during the booking process. i.Transport may be required to contact the customer, by email or telephone, if however the provider no longer ensures the availability of the ordered service. In this case, an agreement will be reached with the customer, either by making a change of order, or proceeding to the cancellation of the order and the refund of the customer. I.Transport can not be held responsible for this lack of availability. 
  Payment security The security of payments on the site is guaranteed by the bank Leumi Card which involves a tripartite relationship between the user, Bank Leumi and i.Transport. As soon as the user chooses the type of credit card he wants to use (CB, Visa ...), the system then puts him in touch with the bank's website. PIN entry is protected by encryption of the SSL connection. This system is not related to the property sites of the company i.Transport, and all information is encrypted and sent to the secure processing service of the bank. 
Duration of trips For coach transport: the time elapsing between the moment when the coach is made available to the customer and the time the carrier regains freedom of use. The duration of provision includes the time taken to pick up and drop off passengers and their luggage, which varies according to the nature of the service. Drivers can not exceed 12 hours of work, from the exit of their home to return to it. The overtime rate will vary depending on the service providers offering the service, but will not exceed the agreed rate between the customer and the seller. 
i.Transport is an intermediary between, on the one hand, the carrier and, on the other hand, the end customer. Passengers are responsible for the damage caused by the bus and the carrier is responsible for the safety of the passengers. Any damage inside the coach caused by the passenger (s) will be billed to the customer. Any damage caused by a physical damage or other damage will be redirected to the carrier or the company by which he is employed. 

 Final word; 
This contract is created to protect the customer and the seller, but when the customer and the seller are in good faith, it is enough that all are satisfied with their fate whatever the situation. i.Transport is a conscientious agency for the welfare of its customers, the policy imposed on our advisers is the following: "You prepare the transport of a member of your family, and you must ensure the well being of each traveler" This is the reason why 100% of our travelers who took the time to evaluate i.Transport offered the 5 * / 5 * rating. We wish you a pleasant trip to our side. 


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